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  All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.
Marie Henri Beyle [1783-1842]

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Gremlin here
A lot of people ask what Damnitology is [including those who ask whether it's for real].

UPDATE: Damnitology is a religion. Religions have no standard of proof. We're therefore happy to announce, without a shread of supporting evidence, that, as of 1st September 2002, there are over 6.3billion practising damnitologists worldwide.

Damnitology is a religion, which makes it approximately as real as christianity, judaism, and wicca.
Unlike the theological religions, however, Damnitology is devoid of deities; for that, it might be a little more real than its competitors.
Whether a religion can actually be a religion without any deities is the subject of eternal debate. Personally, I'd have thought that the lack of deities would disallow religion; however, on the words--albeit misspelled ones--of a number of morons, atheism is a religion, because it worships the denial of an existing deity. Or something. There again: this is the stance of a number of imbeciles.
For the record, atheism translates directly to English as without deital beliefs. Where, in direct translation, these idiots are finding a denial of the existence of existing deities is unknown. Then again, existing deities are unknown too. Perhaps idiots are so used to encountering the unknown that they don't bother making sense to those of us to whom things are known anymore.

UPDATE: I've decided to declare myself the messiah. However: you can throw out the triscuits and wine. The rair cheeseburger is my body; the caffienated beverage is my blood; the cigarette smoke is my spirit; take these unto thee, and claim religious intolerance if anyone attempts to prevent you from fulfilling your tasks.

Who knows.
This much is currently known about deities: they don't appear to exist.
They evidently don't exist.
That's not to say that evidence exists to prove that deities don't; the simplest rule of evidence is that negatives aren't expected to be proved; id est: one is considered innocent until one's guilt is proved, because proving a negative against an unfounded assertion is a waste of everyone's time.
Deities have never been proved to exist. Until or unless they are, there will be no need to disprove their existences. Any more than it will be necessary to disprove the existence of goblins, elves, trolls, and intelligent theists.
I'll amend that. Intelligent christians. I have, in fact, met a few intelligent theists; none of them has ever considered Y'shua to have been a deity; few of them have considered Y'shua to have existed at all.
Deities may well exist. But we don't know that yet. For that, we're agnostic, literally translating as without knowledge and used, in context, to suggest that we are without knowledge of deities.

The theory of evolution has more supporting evidence than the theory of gravity. Things evolve; accept it and move on.

I say we because everyone--atheist, christian, jew, wiccan, goblin, elf, and troll--is without knowledge of deities. Which is to say that no evidence of anyone knowing whether deities exist exists.
Evidently, no one knows, for certain, one way or the other, whether deities are or have ever been in existence.
Let alone which, if any of those baselessly asserted to exist, might happen to be the existing deities.
So: without evidence supporting the assertions that any given deities exist, I, for one, see no need to pretend that any do.
Which somehow, according to these plebeians, subscribes me to a religion.
So: if I'm going to have a religion, I'm going to have a religion on my own terms. My terms include the necessity that my religion is called Damnitology.
Also that I get to write the manual for it.
So, I did. It looks a little like this....

Click here to open in a new window Copyright © Gremlin 2000

The rest of Damnitology [NS2], an entire book also known as the sequel to News of the Stoopid [NotS], will be available soonish from this website.
That much explained, I should explain a few other things.

  • The year is currently AP2. What a number of people called AD2001 was, in fact, AP1: the Year One, Anno Perfunctori: the Year of Our Apathy. Spread the word....
  • While Damnitology has no deities to it, it has, of course, got Ten Commandments:
    1. Thou shalt have no gods. Period.
    2. Do something.
    3. Money is overrated.
    4. Question the source
    5. Network the underpaid.
    6. There is no Rule Six >:)
    7. No bullshit without ‘WORK OF FICTION’ label.
    8. No preservation of minds from reality.
    9. Thou shalt not want to dispose of a pigeon.
    10. Subject to change without no­tice.
    You might want to read Damnitology [NS2] for more information.
  • Damnitology is a religion, which makes it a nonprofit organisation in legal terms; feel free to send ten percent of your salary to us if you like. Or one percent. Or one hundred. Or zero. We don't really care what you do. That's the whole point, after all.

That's about it at the moment. Bookmark and stop back for more updates....
Prime Minister of Damnitology